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You will find that we LOVE the topic of spiritual growth around here. As the days go by, our growth in Him should happen just as an infant grows into a child then on to adulthood. Anything that is not growing is dying so we must commit ourselves to continual maturity in Christ. Jesus does not intend for us to remain babies in Christ. Paul speaks the verse below as proof of God's desires for our spiritual lives. 

"Brothers and sisters, I could not address you as people who live by the Spirit but as people who are still worldly—mere infants in Christ. I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready." (1 Corinthians 3:1-2)

Our commitment is to inspire, equip, edify and encourage women to live a Christ-centered life.  We pray that anytime you visit this blog, you will walk away with something you can apply to your spiritual life that results in growth.  Today's Spiritual Growth tip, if followed, will greatly increase your personal relationship with God and His presence in your life.

It may seem far away but the beginning of the year will be here before you know it! It is the perfect time to commit to starting a Bible Study & Prayer Journal! It is exciting to start but it takes discipline and consistency to keep it going throughout the year. Your journal can also serves as your personal accountability to spend time with God daily. If I let a few days pass without having my #DailyTimeWithGod, my prayer journal will remind me that I am slipping in this area.

Spiritual Growth Tip: Keep a Prayer Journal

I have been keeping a prayer journal since 2012 and it has brought me closer to God in ways I have never imagined.  My journal is my personal diary/love letter to Jesus.  I pour my heart, my thoughts, feelings frustrations, happiness, sadness and joy into this journal.  It is also the place where I record what God is saying to me in my time with Him. It's easy to spend time talking to God, but it is so important to sit in His Presence and just listen. It is very refreshing to spend quiet time with God as His friend, His servant and His daughter!  Writing in a journal will even keep your mind from wandering during your prayer time. If you desire a closer relationship with God and/or what to become more disciplined in your prayer life, I would recommend that you begin journaling to Your Father. 

Journaling to God will also increase your faith.  As you record your prayers, you can always go back to see how and when God answers your requests that you sent up to heaven.  A journal will also help to hold you accountable in your prayer life, just as it does for me. When you take a look at those dates and see that you haven't spent quality time with God over the past few days or weeks, your spirit will prompt you to enter into his presence. 

Below are some tips on keeping a prayer journal.  What works for me may or may not work for you, so take the tips that you feel would help you the best.

Tips on Managing your Prayer Journal

  1. Include the Date of Each Entry - This is what holds you accountable.  It allows you to reflect on your past prayers along with how God answered them. Looking back to my prayers from 2012 until today reminds me of the faithfulness of God even when I wasn't faithful to Him. It allows you to see His loving character in action in your life.
  2. Be Honest with God & Pour out your heart to Him - Your journal is between you & God. He is not concerned about the organization, the language nor what you include. He wants your heart.  When you get ready to write in it during your prayer time, pour out every single thing on the inside of you. Give sweet adoration to The Father. Ask Him for guidance and to reveal areas that you need to improve in your life. Be sure to write down everything you hear God saying to you.  
  3. Include Bible Scriptures in your Journal that are applicable to your current situations  - As you read the Bible during your #DailyTimeWithGod, write scriptures in your journal that speak to your heart and/or your situation.  This will increase your knowledge of God's Word and give you the armor needed to be victorious.
  4. Record your Prayer Requests - This will help you to see God's faithfulness and power working in your life
  5. Record Your Answered Prayers -It is amazing to list out all of the the things that God has done for you upon your request and without you asking Him.
  6. Include Prayer requests for family & friends - When you review your journal, you will remember to send some additional prayers up for family and friends when needed. 

Think about your journal as the secret place where only you and God reside.  Don't hold back from Him.  God knows what we think and what lives in our hearts.  Let's be real with Him in our journaling. As you begin to write to God, watch how He begins to move in your life.  This will bring you closer in relationship with Him and will build your faith in ways that you may have never imagined.

We may be a little biased but we LOVE The ARMED Woman Journal! It will specifically help women to develop the habit of starting their day spending time with God through prayer and studying His Word. Tanika has created a template for you to journal integrating all of the tips above! TAW Journal will guide you through your #DailyTimeWithGod and creates a sense of accountability to be successful in developing the habit of meeting with God every day! 

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